FRIDAYS // 9:45-10:45 AM
@ P E R M I S S I O N S T U D I O
address provided upon request:

starting October 11th

BAND PRACTICE is an hour-long weekly creative practice class facilitated by Paris Hurley that utilizes body-based improvisational scores + repertoire from art punk band, OBJECT AS SUBJECT. A sonic + physical practice, the class follows a set ritual filled with shifting tools + practices designed to support the seasonal, astrological, and elemental themes of each lunar cycle. We’ll work with the same material for a month, so you can drop in once or practice on repeat. BAND PRACTICE is for anyone seeking a space to be in your body and use your voice, transmuting the myth that to dance or sing you need to be a ‘dancer’ or a ‘singer’ in any codified or externally defined way. We’ll lie on the floor + breathe, respond to writing prompts, learn percussive rhythmic structures, yell + scream, practice singing + sounding, experiment with improvisational movement scores, get real wild, get real quiet, and get real loud. Together.

Follow the instagram page for cancelled session + holiday schedule updates.

I look forward to practicing with you!


P E R M I S S I O N S T U D I O is a converted 2 car garage with an 11’ 8” x 15’ 6” movement area and has a slick cement floor. It runs hot in the summer + cold in the winter. Bring what you need to take care of yourself + your body. Pens, recycled paper, and water are available in the space.

The path from the street to the space includes a few feet of un-paved dirt/rock, three 27-30” doorways, and two steps. To access the space, enter through the wooden gate on Crescent St, proceed through the next wooden gate between the cinder block wall + iron staircase, and then walk through the patio to the last door on your right.

Please remove your shoes before entering the space + leave your bags on the hooks provided just outside of the space.

The studio will open 10 minutes before class begins — you are welcome to come early to stretch or write or settle into the space.

Following BAND PRACTICE, folx may be arriving to participate in the 11am offering, S P A C E.
S P A C E is a wordless improvisatory movement practice that includes a commitment to not speaking during the practice or upon arrival/departure from the studio. Please help us uphold this sacred container as you are leaving the studio. If you would like to stay for S P A C E, please review the linked page for information about that practice.

There is no bathroom in the space — one is available in the private home next door for 10 minutes before the practice starts + 10 minutes after the practice ends.* If you need to use the restroom, let me know and I will lead you there.

In case of an emergency, immediately notify me of the situation and if applicable, evacuate through the large garage door.

*I understand that life often happens on its own terms and no one will be questioned or turned away from receiving assistance, resources, or facilities for any bodily needs that arise during the practice. I trust you to balance taking care of yourself with the limitations of this DIY space.

Street parking is free + abundant.