BRIDGING WOUNDS: staying the course of uncertainty

The first evening-length dance/music/theater work by director/composer/performer, Paris Hurley. The piece premiered over 3 nights as the inaugural performance of the Northwest Film Forum's Live at the Film Forum series in September 2009, featuring collaborators: Ezra Dickinson (dance/choreography), Amanda Moore (film/animation), Paurl Walsh (sound engineering/installation), Jamie Iacoli (set design), and Tilla Kunzli (costumes). A meditation on perception & place, the piece followed the external travels and internal worlds of its young, female, protagonist as she discovered herself through the changing world around her. The telling of her story traveled from medium to medium, encapsulating the audience in a world of post-its, paint, portals, video, animation, live dance, and sound. 

The piece was created through a series of community inclusive Experience Experiments conducted throughout Seattle including a street dance party, free hair cuts in the park, animation parties, group created field recordings, and a work-in-progress showing at the Henry Art Gallery.


A review by Michael Upchurch in the Seattle Times.
A revisiting of the work, one year later, by Emilie Harkin for pop the artist.