CREATIVE MIDWIFERY is a collaborative process that utilizes intuition, ritual, creative practice, system building, and togetherness to help you tend to each season of the creative cycle. This offering is for career artists or anyone looking to cultivate, discover, uncover, develop, make time for, or not feel so alone in your creativity + access more permission within your practice. Through one on one sessions catered to wherever you are within the creative cycle, we can talk it out, move it out, sound it out, organize it out, stretch it out, purge it out, strategize it out, plan it out, dream it out, grieve it out, celebrate it out, or workshop it out. Together.

Sessions are 1-2 hours long and offered face to face at P E R M I S S I O N S T U D I O in Highland Park (LA). We can work together once, sporadically, or weekly over an extended period of time depending on your desire + what you are wanting to tend to. For those outside of the Los Angeles area, phone or facetime sessions are also available.

This work is based on the tools, practices, and rituals I have cultivated over the past 15 years of slowly + mightily granting myself permission to uncover, name, explore, develop, deepen, and fortify a relationship with my creativity. I have worked with many teachers, mentors, and collaborators on this path and take great care to honor + cite this lineage during our work together.

Read on for more information + email with questions. I look forward to working with you!


FOUNDATIONal beliefs supporting THIS PRACTICE:

Creative engagement is a spiritual practice.

Creative expression is an integral component of physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual health.

Facing, being with, and healing the self is an active lifelong practice + an essential component of being in service, allyship, or collaborations with others.

You + your body carry inherent wisdom.

There is no hierarchy within this work.

My role in this work is as a guide helping you connect with your creative desires + your own inherent wisdom.

You do not need to consider yourself an artist to engage with this practice. 

You can absolutely consider yourself an artist to engage with this practice. 

This is a spiritual practice.

This is a collaboration.


Asking questions


Mirroring back what I hear from you

Identifying patterns

Creating systems + structures: ways to organize your space // ways to organize your ideas // ways to organize your process

Offering tools, rituals, and practices to support where you are within the creative cycle + what you are working on + with

Suggesting external resources: books // classes // people to connect with


Co-create a daily practice for you to tend to yourself + your creativity

Talk through your new performance work, book idea, or podcast (to name a few)

Strategize practice techniques

Unpack your creative blocks + core beliefs

Invigorate your tried + true creative process

Cultivate permission to name + uncover your desires / goals / dreams

Make a plan + take concrete steps on a path

Create affirmations

Overhaul your physical and/or mental work space

Lie on the floor

Generate improvisational scores


“Paris has a very special gift for creating a safe space to try new forms of expression. I am a person who has struggled to find my voice (literally and creatively), and I require a teacher and a collaborator who is emotionally intelligent, insightful, compassionate, expressive, and generous. Paris is all of those things! When we have worked together in movement practice, the tools that she has brought (which she uses in her own movement practice) have served to connect me with my body and reveal forms of movement and gesture outside of my habitual and familiar body language. That process has been educational, transformative, and empowering for me, and has made me a better mover and performer. Through her Permission Practice, I have also learned to play music and have allowed myself to sing in public! I have become MORE myself through these practices. Paris has also consulted for me in the work I do as a teacher and choreographer. She is generous with her ideas, and her incredible attention to detail is a true gift to any project that she is helping with. I am enormously grateful for the impact Paris and Permission Practice have had on my life!”

"To work with Paris is to open oneself to the myriad ways in which the universe is already supporting one's creative desires, and move and build from that place of trust and abundance. Paris's combination of Virgo exactitude and pragmatism combined with a profoundly sensitive Cancer's intuition will gently but firmly lift your project out of a space of doubt and scarcity and into a space of possibility, clarity, and momentum. Her ambition is contagious, her organizational acumen is impeccable, and her ability to meet you where you're at and co-steward the broadest possible potential for your artistic goals is a thing of true magic. Working with Paris helped me turn my grand visions into an actualized reality in mere months - a reality that actually surpassed my dreams in terms of real success and satisfaction - and I couldn't have done it without her."