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OBJECT AS SUBJECT is an LA-based art punk band led by Paris Hurley (vox, drums, dance // Kultur Shock) featuring Gina Young (bass, vox // SORORITY, Feminist Acting Class) and Emilia "PonySweat" Richeson (dance, drums). This feminist battle cry is a call to action fueled by raw wailing vocals, a barrage of floor toms, gritty bass riffs, and contemporary dance that converges in the space between Gaga vocabulary + 80’s workout videos.

Dedicated to addressing white supremacist, capitalist, christian, heteronormative patriarchy through music, dance, communal ritual, and direct political action, OBJECT AS SUBJECT, weaves a punk incantation inviting you to turn inward, face yourself, free yourself, save yourself, act on behalf of others, dismantle systems of oppression, revel in your joy, scream your anger, and feel your sorrow, grounded in the belief that every revolution begins within the self.

RITUAL I: PERMISSION by OBJECT AS SUBJECT is available for performances in the Los Angeles area.


BOOKING: objectassubject@parishurley.org