W + Th + F // 11am - 12pm
@ P E R M I S S I O N S T U D I O
address provided upon request: info@parishurley.org
$5 // CASH or VENMO



S P A C E is a self-guided improvisatory movement practice — a wordless meditative container where you can commit to yourself, connect with yourself, and drop into creative practice through lying on the floor, stretching, moving your body, dancing, sounding, writing, breathing, and following your impulses in community to a set playlist of ambient music.

S P A C E is built upon the belief that there is a magic in committing to showing up for the same thing at the same time for days or weeks or months in a row, great power in the accountability structure of working in community, and that being present with your body — whether or not you consider yourself a dancer — and engaging in creative practice that is about following impulses vs. trying to dance or think or do or make anything in particular is a transformative, empowering, revealing, challenging + healing action.

The practice was created in collaboration with Chantael Duke + informed by our shared lineage of work with Northwest movement artists/communities: Salt Horse, Alia Swersky, Shannon Stewart, Vanessa DeWolf, and Studio Current.

While there are explicit parameters that shape this container — see the community agreements below — there is room to engage with this practice in a variety of ways, and I encourage you to join me in this ritual repeatedly to explore how it morphs + shifts for you and with you over time.

Follow the instagram page for cancelled session + holiday schedule updates.


To uphold this sacred container, I ask that you commit to the following before participating in the practice:

No talking before, during, or after S P A C E. When you arrive, please commit to not speaking to yourself or with anyone else from the time you enter through the gate until the time you leave the property. If you need to use the restroom, please place your hand on my shoulder [or gesture to catch my attention if you do not want to engage in physical contact] and I will lead you there.

No late arrival or early departure.  If you arrive after the studio door has closed, please do not disturb the practice.

No entry or exit from the space during the practice unless there is an emergency situation that needs tending to.*

No physical contact with anyone other than yourself unless explicit consent has been agreed upon between all involved parties outside of S P A C E.

No shoes inside the studio.

Phones must be kept on silent + in your bags.

Take care of yourself + take care of each other.

Read + commit to the invocation each time you enter the practice.


I enter S P A C E as the person I am today — with the feelings + abilities + limitations + thoughts + physical sensations + complexities that I find myself with now, in this moment and only this moment, without attachment to any past or future version of myself. I acknowledge that this practice will bring up a variety of thoughts + feelings and that what arises may change from session to session. I acknowledge that this is a living practice + do not place an expectation of perfection or completion or stasis onto myself within the practice. I commit to practicing these tenets each time I enter this ritual.

I allow myself to be wherever I am without judgement. 
I embody my values within this practice.
I cultivate, honor, and live by my own inner authority.
I love my body. 
I tend to + honor my impulses by letting them arise + exist, by following them, and by meeting them without judgement. 
Anything is dance. 
Any way I move my body can be dance. 
If I dance, I am a dancer. 
Being is enough. 
Breathing is enough. 
Existing is enough.


P E R M I S S I O N S T U D I O is a converted 2 car garage with an 11’ 8” x 15’ 6” movement area and has a slick cement floor. The path from the street to the space includes a few feet of un-paved dirt/rock, three 27-30” doorways, and two steps. To access the space, enter through the wooden gate on Crescent St, proceed through the next wooden gate between the cinder block wall + iron staircase, and then walk through the patio to the last door on your right.

It runs hot in the summer + cold in the winter. Bring what you need to take care of yourself + your body. Pens, recycled paper, and water are available in the space.

Please remove your shoes before entering the space + leave your bags on the hooks provided just outside of the space.

There is no entering or exiting during the practice unless an emergency situation needs immediate attention.* Bring your water, notebook, socks, knee pads, sweater, etc. into the space with you and place them on the rug when not in use.

There is no bathroom in the space — one is available in the private home next door for 5 minutes before the practice starts + 10 minutes after the practice ends.* If you need to use the restroom, please place your hand on my shoulder (or gesture to catch my attention if you do not want to engage in physical contact) and I will lead you there.

In case of an emergency, immediately notify me of the situation and if applicable, evacuate through the large garage door.

*I understand that life often happens on its own terms and no one will be questioned or turned away from receiving assistance, resources, or facilities for any bodily needs that arise during the practice. I trust you to balance taking care of yourself with the community agreements of this practice + the limitations of this DIY space.


Street parking is free + fairly easy to come by. There are parking restrictions Wednesdays + Thursdays from 12-2pm due to street cleaning. Keep an eye out for signs when parking on these days. Parking enforcement is diligent in this neighborhood and tickets are $75.